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Heavy Duty Construction has now become easier with

TMT Bars
The best feature of our TMT bars is their wide range- FE 415, FE 500 & FE 550. With their higher elasticity and enhanced properties, the products guarantee an assured grip that can resist even the biggest calamity like an earthquake.

Heavy Duty Construction has now become easier with

MS – Round bar

Mild Steel Round Bars have smooth surfaces and are available in diameters from 10mm to 250mm. Used in various applications like shafts, axles, and machinery parts, these bars have superior structural strength and excellent resistance to corrosion and abrasion, making them highly sought after in many industries.

Heavy Duty Construction has now become easier with

MS – Flat bar
Mild Steel Flat Bars are rectangular and have a flat surface and straight edges, making them suitable for various structural and manufacturing purposes. These thin strips range from 6mm to 25mm and are used in construction, fabrication, and engineering projects for applications like brackets, base plates, and frames.

Heavy Duty Construction has now become easier with

MS – Square bar

These bars have equal sides and form a square shape. Mild Steel Square bars are ideal for projects that need sturdy support or framework, such as building frames, braces, fences, gates, and decorative elements. They add strength, weldability, and versatility to various engineering tasks.

Solid Fatigue Strength


Solid earthquake Resistant

Solid Corrosion Resistance


We are currently dealing with the segments of real estate (residential and commercial buildings), automotive battery, tubular battery, solar battery, steel TMT bars, and refined lead billets.
We strive hard to provide you with powerful and scalable solutions for all your needs. We have years of experience in delivering valuable solutions.

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