Our consistency to maintain unparalleled performance and quality throughout decades has contributed to our highly marketable services and ongoing success. 

Assuring Quality is Our Top-Most Priority

 At Ganesh Super TMT, we have compromised on the excellence of our products and solutions. Our consistency to maintain unparalleled performance throughout the years has contributed to our highly marketable services and ongoing success. 


The Fundamentals of Our Performance

  1. Cutting-Edge Technology 

We follow advanced technologies to ensure top-quality products.


  1. Durable Raw Materials 

 Integrated facilities and the use of sturdy raw materials. 


  1. Top Manufacturing Process 

 Our world-class manufacturing process ensures a perfect finish. 


What Makes Us Stand Out Among the Competitors? 

 Our TMT bar and other product manufacturing process corporates quality from conception to completion in every production stage. Plus, we follow a strict quality check process to always offer value in everything we do. 

The entire working method of Ganesh Super TMT sticks to five essential things: 


  • Unmatched performance 
  • Customer satisfaction 
  • Manufacturing excellence 
  • Social responsibility
  • Employee retainment 


Our Quality Control Lab is Our Backbone 

We have furnished our quality control lab with an innovative spectrometer, high-quality 100KV Universal Testing Machine, microscope, hardness testing machine, and other essential gadgets.

Primarily, all these tools are used to ensure continuous quality checks of our products at various manufacturing stages. 

Being ISO certified at Ganesh Super TMT, we have always maintained complete quality standards for our products like billets, TMT bars, structural steel, etc. 


 Our Quality Management Process 

We run the entire quality management process through four levels: 


  • Control 
  • Inspection 
  • Total quality management 
  • Assurance 

The entire procedure covers testing, inspection, identification, and traceability of the product from receipt stage, manufacturing inspection, and final inspection till the dispatch. 

Our quality assurance includes correction, inspection, and investigation to find out the root cause of any problems. We ensure preventive measures to stop the errors from re-occurring. 

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