Ganesh TMT Bihar

One of the renowned Company in Iron and Steel industry in Eastern part of India that produces the finest quality tmt bars in Bihar

Ganesh TMT Bihar

One of the renowned Company in Iron and Steel industry in Eastern part of India that produces the finest quality tmt bars in Bihar

Our Product

600 EQ-CR


Our Product

Ganesh Super TMT Steel Bars are best known for their higher tensile strength than their competitors. Backed by sturdy growth and years of experience of the Bajoria Family, Ganesh Super TMT bars, manufactured in Bihar, has made a mark as the best TMT bars company for the new-gen construction sectors.

The best feature of our TMT bars is they are available in a wide range- FE 415, FE 500 & FE 550. With their higher elasticity and other properties, the products guarantee an assured grip that can resist even the biggest calamities like earthquakes. In simple words, Ganesh Super is the perfect fusion of flexibility and strength that beats all its rivals in quality.

We maintain the highest level of quality in our products and services and it becomes possible because we pay detailed attention to every stage of the production or delivery process. The manufacturing hubs of Ganesh Super, one of the Best TMT Saria Companies, supply the best-quality TMT bars to attribute your living abode or industrial space with a strong base and ensures you a secure future. 


Bihar’s Most Trusted TMT BAR Brand With


Solid Strength


Solid Resistance to Fire Hazards


Solid Corrosion Resistance


Solid Earthquake Resistance


Established in 1988

We have proudly spent 30+ years in the industry and we are looking forward to many more years of successfully serving our customers with top-quality TMT Bars. Our customers are our true assets and we never fail to put their requirements before ours!

First One to Use Induction Furance in Bihar

We are the first one to use Induction Furance in Bihar and help our clients to eliminate quality issues and inconsistencies in their construction work. Our induction furnace system creates TMT bars that are of superior quality and free from manufacturing defects.

Our Customers are Our True Asset

We truly value our customers and do everything we can to meet their requirements. We promise to provide you with a kind of service that will more than meet your expectations and satisfies you always.

We Assure Quality

Every product our TMT bars manufacturers develop speaks of quality, durability, and longevity. We can maintain the quality of our products because we are constantly trying to give our best which results in creating top-quality TMT Bars for our customers.

Ganesh Super TMT

Get Dealership

We manufacture TMT Bars of different qualities and standards and that’s what has made us a renowned name in TMT manufacturing. Several variations of our products are available, and you can easily become a dealer by contacting us. Because our product is highly sought after, you can expect great sales as a dealer. 



Rupesh Mishra

I highly recommend the products and supplies of Ganesh Super TMT Bars for their perfect turnaround time, professional nature, and most importantly, high-quality products. Kudos to the team!

Investment Banker

Vikash Yadav

I am glad to develop a great relationship with the Ganesh Super TMT bars. The team is highly committed to their work and we are glad to have quality products and professional services by our side whenever we need them.

Data Analyst

Md. Tariq

The most reliable team I have worked with and I rely on hardworking people for all the supplies required for my construction business. They are my all-time go-to suppliers of steel bars and products. I wish all the very best to the team.



Corporate Office

Laxmi Narayan Road, Muzaffarpur, BR 842001 IN

Contact Numbers

Marketing : 9931415869 & 7979709145
Jobs : 9304376491
Purchase Dept : 9835291476

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