TMT Bars Suppliers: Tips for Getting the Best Deal

TMT bars are manufactured by various companies. The quality of the TMT bars differs based on various factors used and the process followed in manufacturing. Engineers want to access the best TMT bars for construction irrespective of price and other aspects. However, price plays a crucial role when the suppliers are required to provide TMT bars for vast construction projects. In that context, you must be briefed with all the necessary information to choose the best TMT bar company. The article discusses information that will help you meet the objective.  

Gradation Of TMT Bars

TMT bars are available in different grades such as Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550, Fe 600, and others. These are the most common grades. If you are planning to do construction in earthquake-prone zones, you must choose higher grade of TMT bars. The high-grade TMT bars offer superior yield strength. Thus, it will offer better protection and sustainability. Otherwise, you should choose Fe 500 for construction in any common place which is free from seismic threat.

Certification Of TMT Bars

You must choose the TMT bars which are BIS and ISO-certified. You need to pay high for sourcing the certified TMT bars but you will get greater security and safety in construction. There are many private brands available in the market, which does not follow the mandates of ISO or BIS certification. You should stay away from purchasing these brands. 

Corrosion Resistance

The presence of corrosion and rusting can pose a serious threat to the safety and sustainability of the construction. If you are sure that the TMT bars are manufactured following ISO and BIS mandates, you can be confirmed that the TMT bars have high corrosion resistance properties. Otherwise, it becomes challenging to trust the brand and build construction that might not sustain long in humid weather.


When you buy TMT bars from the best TMT bar company , you would require to invest considerably. But, when you are not willing to pay for sourcing from popular brands, you bear with the risk of purchasing poor-quality of TMT bars which can jeopardize the quality of construction after a few years. 

Ductility And Strength

The factor of ductility is associated with strength when it comes to judging a TMT bar. The more ductile the TMT bar the stronger it is. The ductility of the TMT bar changes with its grade. Fe 550 grade of TMT bar is more ductile than Fe 500. Fe 600 grade of TMT bar is more ductile than Fe 550. Choose the highest ductility if you are planning to construct a building in an earthquake-prone area. Otherwise, for construction in place without the risk of earthquake, you can choose grade Fe 500 to suit the ductility strength.

Flexibility And Longevity

The more flexible the TMT bar, the more longevity it will provide. While buying the TMT bars from TMT bar suppliers, check the flexibility of the TMT bars. If it breaks or develops a crack while bending it severely, refrain from buying from that supplier or brand. The TMT bars are hard from the outside but soft from the inside. It helps the bars to withstand tensile stress, external force, and seismic waves. This way it offers the building the optimum longevity withstanding any external or internal pressure it comes across. 

Rust And Fire Resistance

When you would buy the TMT bars from the best TMT bar suppliers, check if the bars have already developed any rust. The TMT bars when kept in open for a long time can develop rust. The rust will lead to developing corrosion. It will result in cracks in the building structure. These are the key criteria you should consider while choosing the best TMT bar for construction. There is no certain assurance that only a few popular TMT bar manufacturers will offer the best TMT bars. Today, there are many players in the industry which offer the best in quality TMT bars at an affordable price. If you want to restrict the cost of manufacturing a building or bridge for a long-term contract, the above information will help you make the right decision.

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