How To Select the Best TMT Steel Bar Manufacturers for Your Construction

Dec 6, 2022 | construction, Manufacturers

TMT steel bars are made with advanced technology, which has long replaced old steel bars. Today TMT steel bars have high demand in the civil industry to develop sturdy constructions that are resistant to seismic waves, heat and humidity. But how to choose the best TMT bars offered by different manufacturers? The article answers just that! So, read on. 

Identify Specific Needs for Construction

You can witness drastic weather changes across different parts of India. The North-East part remains highly humid throughout the year. The western and northern part remains dry throughout the year. The Southern region shows diverse weather conditions at different times throughout the years. Therefore, when choosing the best TMT bar manufacturers, you must first identify your requirements.

If you are sourcing the TMT bars for construction in the Eastern or North-Eastern region, you must procure TMT bars which have high corrosion resistance properties. If you are sourcing TMT bars for construction in the Northern and Western parts of India, you must procure TMT bars with high thermal resistance to sustain in the high temperature of those areas. Identifying specific construction requirements will help you select the right type of TMT bars.

Choose The Right Grade

The grace of technological advancement has offered us different grades of TMT bars to choose from. In India, four key grades of TMT bars are available. These are Fe-415, Fe-500, Fe-550 and Fe-600. “Fe” represents the symbol of iron, whereas the numbers followed by the symbol represent ductility. Ductility represents the ability of the material to restrict deformation under tensile stress. As the number shows, Fe-415 is less ductile than Fe-500. Similarly, Fe-500 is less ductile than Fe-550 and so on.

When choosing the best TMT bar manufacturers, you must clearly know the degree of ductility required for the construction. If you are constructing buildings in high earthquake-prone areas, you would require TMT bars of high ductility. Otherwise, Fe-415 and Fe-500 are the best fits for constructing buildings. But, Fe-550 and Fe-600 are best fits for constructing bridges, high-end architectures, dams and other industrial projects.

Evaluate The Quality of Different TMT Bars Available

You can follow the best route to evaluate different qualities and grades of TMT bars available by identifying if the TMT bars manufacturers follow BIS standards and have ISO certification. The certification and standard ensure that the TMT bars are developed using quality control measures. It also ensures that the produced TMT bars would offer the best quality and superior performance. The quality control standards are viable indicators that very little error occurred in the TMT steel bar manufacturing process.

When you source the TMT steel bars from different TMT bars suppliers, they will offer you varieties of options to choose from. The varieties are available in brands, sizes, grades, qualities and other aspects. To choose the right one for construction, you must trust the expertise and knowledge of proficient engineers. However, you should conduct a detailed analysis of your requirements to match the products available in the market. We recommend visiting more than one TMT bar supplier to judge the quality better and make informed decisions.  

Does It Has the Right Balance of Strength and Flexibility

TMT bars are highly demanded in construction projects because of their strength and flexibility. The TMT bars are manufactured through thermo-mechanical treatments. In this process, the bars are iron alloy heated at 900 degrees centigrade under a controlled environment and drastically quenched to 450 degrees centigrade. This drastic temperature change makes the TMT bars’ outer layer harder and the inner core softer.

The TMT bar manufacturers use this process to make the TMT bars strong and flexible. We suggest you test the TMT bars before making a final purchase decision. You must get the best products at an affordable price. But, you should not compromise on quality. The best TMT bar suppliers allow their clients to check the tensile strength, bendability and flexibility of different TMT bars to choose the best one for construction. 

Evaluate The Degree of Ductility of The TMT Bar

The ductility of TMT bars represents their bendability and flexibility under tensile stress without any risk of deformation. To construct a project in high earthquake-prone zones, you will require TMT bars with high ductility. The TMT bars with high ductility are graded, including D in the grading. For instance, the TMT bars of Fe-550 do not have a high degree of ductility compared to Fe-550D. 

While selecting the best TMT bars manufacturers, you must choose the ones according to your need. If you do not have any distinct requirement, you can choose any TMT bar manufacturers which offer the best quality TMT bars at an affordable price. Otherwise, if you want to source TMT bars based on critical requirements, you must choose the bars from the best manufacturers that produce high-end TMT bars.

Check The Corrosion Resistance Property of TMT Bars

Do not overlook testing the corrosion resistance property of the TMT bars. The TMT bars are developed through the process of desulphurisation and dephosphorisation. Heating the TMT bars in a high-temperature furnace also makes them free from different impurities. It helps to produce superior TMT bars which have high corrosion resistance.

The rib-formed TMT bars fit the best with concrete to produce a sturdy structure of buildings. Do you know that the coefficient or thermal expansion of the concrete and TMT bars are the same? However, concrete has zero tensile strength, but TMT bars have high tensile strength. That is why when concrete is applied on TMT bars, the structure offers a high degree of strength to withstand pressure. The concrete does not allow any space to pass through air or water. Thus it protects the TMT bars from developing rust and corrosion.  However, while purchasing the TMT bars from the best TMT bars suppliers, you must scrutinise the TMT bars to see if the bars have already developed rust or corrosion to ensure that you are sourcing the best quality product. 

Evaluate The Reputation of The TMT Steel Bar Manufacturers

Before choosing any specific brand of TMT bars, you must review the reputation of different TMT bars manufacturers. You can visit their website, social media profile, online news, newspaper reviews, Google reviews and various other platforms, which will provide you with authentic information about any prospective TMT bars manufacturers

Read the information attentively and identify which manufacturer is the best in offering certified and quality TMT bars adhering to all the necessary parameters. You should refrain from choosing the TMT bars manufacturers who have received various negative comments. Studying online reviews of TMT bars companies will help you choose the best product from available alternatives.

Do Not Overlook Evaluating the Costs of The TMT Bars

While evaluating different TMT steel bars manufacturers from different perspectives, you must take note of the offered price. The construction project will require sourcing huge amounts of TMT bars at an affordable price. An increase in the cost of the TMT bars will increase the overall project cost. It can make the project unfeasible. The competition in the industry has created opportunities for many TMT bar manufacturers, such as Ganesh Super, to offer high-quality TMT bars at an affordable price. 

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