Why TMT Bars Are Ideal For Construction Projects

Jul 12, 2022 | Construction Materials

While talking about building materials, builders make prime consideration over two things – bars or rods and cement. In fact, the solidarity of a building or other construction depends on the perfect bonding of these two.  Besides providing additional strength to the foundation, these two work in providing solid reinforcement in Reinforced Concrete Cement structures.

Evolution of TMT Bars

The combination of steel rods and cement worked well till the builders started to realize its vulnerability through tension despite strength in compression. After several snapping out of buildings due to earthquakes and several natural calamities, researchers started to look for an alternative that will make the structure more resilient against stress and torques. Trial and error efforts finally brought up Thermo Mechanically Treated Bars. 

Best TMT Bar Company in India including Ganesh Super do not compromise on quality. The items thus represent high strength and reflex. While stoutness assures durability, reflexive property in the constructions enables these to fight seismic actions. 

Ganesh Super and its peers make use of the TEMPcore or the German ‘CRS’ technology in making TMT bars. CRS TMT bars offer better corrosion-resistant properties than other normal TMT bars. 

TEMPcore involves tempering the cores of steel rebars after manufacturing. The manufacturing teams offer continuous heat treatment at various stages of production. They prepare the bars in rolled form and put these into a water Jet system once these come out of the mill. 

The Jet compression sustains for a few minutes so that the cooling impression remains only on the surface and the inner core remains hot. It makes the surface area extremely hard and the internal area soft in nature. The contrast in property helps the TMT bars become extremely flexible and ductile. These two properties help these bars fight natural hazards including Earthquakes or thunderstorms. 

Properties That Make TMT Bars Indispensable in Construction Works

New structures get TMT bars as their essential components. These rebars offer a host of advantages that we can expect from a new invention. 

People like constructions with apt inner strength. Thermo Mechanically Treated rebars come up with absolutely inner strength thanks to the water quench procedure. These reinforcement devices also are ductile. Ductility is a measure of malleability, weldability, and resilience. All these properties allow the building to bend enough to counter seismic actions and natural calamities including thunderstorms.

Products from the leading TMT Bar Manufacturers offer various other advantages to the property or structures. These include:

Corrosion Resistance

TMT rebars are fundamentally anti-corrosive thanks to the ideal manufacturing process. The Jet water cooling process eliminates any probability of growing coarse carbides in the bars. The presence of this compound is the main reason for rust growth in construction materials. Their absence also helps increase the durability of the construction.

Fight Fire Incidence

Graduated tempering of the Thermo Mechanical Treated rebars makes those fire and high-temperature resistant. Due to both kinds of stability, the constructions comprising TMT bars possess the integrity to encounter fire incidence in the houses. Observers have indicated instances where buildings made by using TMT rebars remain intact after sustaining a fire thrash of 1000 degrees Celsius. 

Resistibility Against Earthquakes

Best TMT Bars Company uses the TEMPcore process in TMT rebar manufacturing. The procedure develops a soft inner core in the reinforcement bars. The contrast in hardness at different cores provides the rebars with the required leeway that helps them manage seismic and dynamic loading.

Fatigue Resistance

It is also an account of their strengths at the outer surface. The strength accompanied by the flexibility allows dynamic and frequent loading to the bars. The property also works in resisting the effects of earthquakes.

Bend Properties

TMT rebars show absolute elasticity. Therefore, you can bend these bars to 360 degrees. Builders often make circled strips from these bars to utilize these for different purposes.


TMT rebars have low carbon equivalence. You can place small pieces of TMT bars in the butt or lap and other weldable joints without reducing the strength at the joining. This property help builder uses the broken pieces in different joints. The cycled pieces work on those spots without compromising their fundamental qualities.


Builders need less amount of steel in construction when they use TMT bars in these. The fundamental reason behind this is rebars have higher tensile strength and better elongation value. Therefore, they need less steel for the same amount of construction.

Thermo Mechanically Treated Rebars are lightweight products; therefore, you can send more items in a single consignment. These are also convenient for installing, and thus are easier to manage on-site. 

Final words

In the article, we have attempted to narrate the important reasons that have contributed to making reinforcement bars the essence of constructions. With their uses, buildings will be strong, durable, and flexible. TMT bars also ensure low cost in construction.

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