What is Rebar? Why do you Need It for the next Project?

Jun 16, 2022 | Construction Materials

TMT bar manufacturing process

What is Rebar?

Rebars, i.e., reinforcement bars, are metal alloy bars. Construction experts also call them the Thermo Mechanically Treated bars or TMT bars. The use of these bars helps improve the tensile strength of concrete.

The manufacturing team passes the bars through several heat treatment procedures in the TMT bar manufacturing process. The new-generated bars become the subject of quenching. The application of a water jet makes the bars’ surface extremely cool and hard while the inner core remains soft and tender.

With this, rebars become more malleable and capable of withstanding tensile, coercion, corrosion, and vibration that may be due to earthquakes. Without TMT bars, buildings would not be able to sustain natural elements and demolish them.

The manufacturing team puts ribs into the reinforcement bars. These ribs prevent slippage within the structure.

Why Do We Need TMT Bars in Construction Projects?

TMT Bars Manufacturers put TMT bars in the preferred quotient while considering a new building or other construction. Rebars have several qualities that place them over other steel bars. These include:

Huge Tensile Strength

The manufacturing team passes the bars through a quenching box that makes the surface area extremely strong. Studies show that the addition of TMT bars in construction works enhances their strength by more than 20 percent. These are deformed bars; deformation prevents slippage in the concrete. It is also a measure of stability.


TMT bars have clear contrast in hardness in the surface and innate zones. With the application of the TEMPcore process, the surface becomes hard. The inner core remains soft. With this, the products become malleable. With ingenious suppleness, you can elongate these items much more. The property imparts the building the agility that helps it withstand coercion, quivering, and corrosion effect. Stretching ability also supports the building last for more time.


Rebars have been elastic since their generation. Elasticity in the material helps those become bendable and re-bendable. Construction experts utilize this property of TMT bars in making round shapes in whatsoever ways they like.

However, it does not mean a compromise over the strength. The capacity to bend in the structure helps it stay firm even in the face of natural calamities like thunderstorms and earthquakes.


The low carbon content in TMT bars has made those fundamentally weldable. Furthermore, these materials require no pre-treatment for welding.

The experts in reputed TMT Bars Manufacturers units, i.e., architects and designers, make innovative shapes with rebars.


TMT bars are enormously flexible. You can get an idea about their resilience because experts in different building units like Ganesh Super can bend these rods by up to 180 degrees.

Resilience is also a measure of strength. Structures where the building teams have used TMT bars, show more sustenance against natural hazards.

Fire Resistance

Using constituents in the right proportion in making rebars makes these optimally fire-resistant. Reputed companies like Ganesh Super make no compromise on the material quality. Their rebars can sustain temperatures over 600 degrees Celsius. Constructions thus stay unaffected by devastating fire occurrences.

Corrosion Resistance

Other steel bars may corrode or get rust in the face of wet conditions. TMT bars do not. The presence of manganese prevents the effect of water in the final preparation. Workers in builders’ units leave these in the open air for long during monsoon without any fear of getting weathered. The ability to prevent corrosion also accounts for longevity in the construction.

Environment Friendly

Steel has a unique property. You can recycle the material by more than 88 percent. Rebars also are recyclable. These thus pose no threat to the environment.


The use of TMT bars in construction helps the TMT Bars Manufacturers reduce the overall expenses in the project. Rebars are lightweight, elongating, and flexible. 

Thus, you can carry these products to different places quite easily. Assembling is also easy.

The entire process thus becomes less time-consuming, i.e., the total time to complete the job is much less than before. The cost of the process, therefore also reduce.

Final Words

Reputed construction companies worldwide use TMT bars in their work. It would be best if you entrusted these companies with product quality. Top TMT Bars Manufacturers do not compromise on product material quality to help customers get the right products and enjoy cost-effectiveness.

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