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Aug 12, 2022 | Construction Materials

TMT Saria Company

TMT bars are one of the major materials in construction, and it is widely used in building homes, flyovers, bridges and other civil engineering structures. TMT bars are thermos- mechanically treated bars, and they can easily withstand any stress and load and thus can protect the buildings from any damage.

However, you need to keep certain factors in mind before you settle for a particular brand of TMT bars. Also, like any other thing, TMT bars too have their pros and cons. Let’s get to learn them one by one. 

Pros of Using TMT Bars

As mentioned, TMT bars have their own advantages. Apart from building a strong structure, it also keeps a lot of issues at bay. 

Corrosion Resistant TMT Bars

Corrosion-resistance TMT bars are manufactured by blending elements like copper, chromium and phosphorus, thus making them extremely corrosion–resistant. One of the notable advantages of using it for constructing your home is that Best TMT Saria Company’s bars do not need additional cold twisting. These steel bars offer better protection from the humid environment of coastal areas or underground construction.

Resistant – Fire, Earthquake

TMT bars make sure of a longer life of a concrete structure and keep the building safer even in fire hazards. TMT bars have higher thermal stability and can retain more than 80% of their ambient temperature yield strength at 300oC. Good steel bars have better elongation properties which restrict the inelastic deformation during construction. (Source-

Ductility & Bending Property

TMT bars have high elasticity, which becomes a great advantage for construction. Due to high ductile properties, the reinforced concrete allows excellent stability during adverse environmental strains.

Readily Available

TMT bars have enough production capacity to meet the demands of the construction industry and are readily available for house construction.

Ready Build

Nowadays, readily built steels are available. Readily built steel eliminates the time of cutting and bending. This saves lots of time and minimizes the wastage of steel while bending and cutting.

Cons of Using TMT Bars

  • The Cost is high: Steel is very expensive and considerably raises the Cost of structure.
  • Melt at High Temperatures: Steel shows a tendency to melt at extremely high temperatures. This is also one of the causes steel is tied and not welded.
  • Causes Chemical Reaction: little concrete coverage allows the water to penetrate and react with steel rebars causing the concrete to crack. Sometimes concrete aggregates react with steel causing the concrete to spall.
  • Rust problem: Steel is exposed to weather rusts and decreases the strength of reinforced concrete. When rusts start growing up around the steel rebars, it causes many internal pressures on the surrounding concrete, leading to cracks in the concrete.

Things that you must check before buying TMT bars

There are certain factors you need to keep in mind when buying steel TMT bars. Many different kinds and types of TMT bars are available, and buying the right one can be a tricky task.  

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process is a very important role in making good-quality TMT bars. With the help of technological advancement, few modern manufacturing processes have been introduced, and many earlier used techniques have become out of date.

For instance, cold-twisting technology has become obsolete now. Before buying TMT bars, check whether the TMT bars are produced using the latest tempcore technology or not. Tempcore technology makes sure of greater flexibility and strength of the TMT bars.

TMT Grades

The higher the grade, the more will be the strength of the TMT bars, as the strength of the TMT bars depends on their grades. The higher-grade TMT bars might be used for infrastructure, industrial and large-scale commercial construction work. You must check your grades before buying and choose according to your requirement.

Brand Certification

Brand certification is another basic factor to consider while buying TMT bars. It is always better to choose TMT brands with BIS and ISO certification. BIS and ISO certifications make sure that all the quality and safety standards have been followed.


Good quality TMT bars must have the flexibility to withstand stress for a long period of time. This ensures that the bar will not break or develop cracks upon bending but will regain its shape and form. 

In earthquake-prone areas or areas with more seismic activity, the flexibility of the bars helps the structures withstand high-degree shocks and seismic tension without crumbling down. So, before buying TMT bars, make sure that it has sufficient flexibility.  

Elongation Capacity

It is important to check the elongation capacity of TMT bars, as elongation indicates the ductility of the TMT bars. The higher the ductility of the TMT bars, the more you will save on construction.

Naked Eye Test

To do this, you don’t have to be an expert. You must check whether the bars are rust-free or not. The end length of each pack should be of equivalent length, and the bars must consist of the brand logo.

Compare Suppliers

You must compare two or more suppliers to get a basic idea about which are the most selling TMT bars, their selling prices and their qualities before buying TMT bars. After you get an idea of the material, you can make a good choice for your construction.

So, these are the things one should think about before buying TMT bars. There are several TMT bar manufacturers and suppliers, widely distributed worldwide. But you must choose wisely while choosing the best TMT Saria Company.

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