TMT Bars: The Best Option for Construction

Sep 23, 2022 | construction

When it comes to constructing buildings, bridges, and others, engineers prefer something which will offer durability, safety, sustainability, strength, and other robust features to the structure. But why do they prefer TMT bars in comparison to other steel bars? TMT bars are Thermo Mechanically Treated bars that ensure stability and durability of buildings and constructions even in earthquake-prone areas. The article delves into a more in-depth analysis to find out why TMT bars are chosen as the best option for construction.

Key Qualities of TMT Bars

To understand the importance and value of the TMT bar, we must assess its different qualities. The key qualities of the TMT bar lie in its structure, formation, size, grade, and many other aspects. These are discussed below.

TMT Bars Are Bendable

TMT bars are manufactured through a quenching process. It allows the outer layer of the bar hard and the inner core soft. This characteristic of the bar makes it bendable. As a result of that, the bar will not develop cracks and show a high degree of flexibility. When you would procure the TMT steel bar from any TMT bar supplier, you must check the Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) certification to confirm the superior quality of the product.

TMT Bars Are Earthquake Resistant

TMT bars have high tensile strength. The tensile strength along with effective elongation property helps the TMT bars to withstand any intensity of the seismic wave. The elongation of the bars helps to disperse the wave and its impact across its length. The bars also allow mild compression to respond to the seismic pressure. But, due to its innate flexibility, the bar rebounds to its original form after the seismic wave pass. This way the TMT bar withstands the hazardous impact of the earthquake and helps buildings and constructions sustain in earthquake-prone areas.

TMT Bars Are Fire Resistant

This is another key characteristic of TMT bar which makes the bar popular among TMT bar suppliers. The TMT bar can withstand a temperature ranging from 400°C to 600°C. This helps the buildings to hold their structure even after the impact of a huge fire. The engineers choose these TMT bars over other steel bars due to this property. The fire-resistant quality of the TMT bars makes them fit for use in many constructions apart from building and bridge construction.

TMT Bars Have Weldability

The TMT bars have a low degree of carbon. That is why it is the best solution for various welding works. It does not require any pre-treatment or post-treatment for welding works. The TMT steel bars wholesale dealers can attest to the degree of weldability of the TMT bars based on different manufacturers and product certifications.

TMT Bars Are Corrosion Resistant

The rib structure of the TMT bar helps to develop a strong bond with concrete. It does not allow any air to pass through the concrete to the TMT bars in construction. Apart from this, the bars have less carbon content. These deter the chances of formation of any rust on the bar. Thus, the product becomes corrosion-resistant. It ensures that if the bar is used in buildings and other constructions, the structure will sustain long and will not wear down. Thus the product offers a high degree of stability and durability to the construction.

Different Types of TMT Bars

If you want to choose the best option for construction, you must understand the different types of TMT bars offered by TMT steel bars wholesale dealers. This will help you choose the right product for your construction. The different types of TMT bars are discussed below.

  1. Fe 415 Grade: This type of TMT bar has its use in construction in earthquake-prone areas. It has high ductility that allows it to bend into the most complex shape without yielding. One of the key qualities is uniform expansion. Its use lies in reinforcement buildings, houses, and small structures.
  2. Fe 500 Grade: This grade of TMT bars have two varieties such as Fe 500D and Fe 500S. These types of TMT bars have higher tensile strength and ductility than Fe 415. Its perfect use lies in a wide variety of multi-storied, commercial, and residential projects. It is a perfect fit for high-rise projects which require withstanding high pressure.
  3. Fe 550 Grade: This grade of TMT bars has high tensile stress and high corrosion resistance. Its perfect use lies in constructing bridges, industrial projects, and constructions that require high load-bearing capacity. Due to its high corrosion resistance property, the TMT bars are the perfect solution for projects in coastal, marine, and subterranean environments where the chances of forming rust are very high.
  4. Fe 600 Grade: This grade has a high capacity for load bearing, durability, and corrosion resistance. Its perfect use lies in industrial construction projects such as highways, towers, commercial properties, and others.

In comparison to TMT steel bars, very less variation is available in other ordinary steel bars. The ordinary steel bars cannot offer the degree of durability that the TMT steel bar can. Therefore, many TMT steel bars wholesale dealers prefer promoting these bars more to offer better value to their buyers. 

Apart from this, the price of the TMT steel bars comes in an affordable range. The bars are also available in different sizes from small to large. If a product offers these many facilities at an affordable price, then why would anyone choose any alternative option? This is the reason why TMT bars are the best option for construction and that’s why you’ll do well if you choose TMT bars for construction.

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