Tips to Follow for Workers Before Starting their Construction Work with TMT Bars

May 11, 2024 | construction, TMT Bars

Tips to Follow for Workers Before Starting their Construction Work with TMT Bars

Renowned for their durability, strength, and reliability, TMT bars have become the most important raw material in real estate development. But before you instruct your workers or buy them from the best TMT bar company, you must understand certain tips for working with these bars. From selecting the right size to stacking them effectively, every contractor should understand how to use these bars while building a structure. So, without further delay, let’s find out tips for workers working with TMT bars in the construction industry.

Using the Right Size of TMT Bars

TMT or thermo mechanically treated steel bars are a practical raw material in the world of construction. Their superior tensile strength and high ductility make them a must-have in real estate development. When it comes to buying the right size of TMT bars, a contractor must always consider the sizing at first. Notably, TMT bars are available in various sizes, each having significant characteristics that meet unique project requirements. Let’s find out the different sizes of TMT bars available in the market:

8 to 10 mm bars 

These bars weigh 0.395-0.617 Kg/mtr and are used to construct slabs and stairs. The size of TMT bars is significant when building slab homes. 

12 to 25mm bars

These bars are used for constructing a structure’s framework, ranging from 0.888 to 3.850 Kg/Mtr. They are used for constructing the building’s beams and columns.

28 to 32mm bars

These bars are used for building bridges and dams. They come between 4.830 and 6.310 Kg/Mtr sizes. 

So, now that you have understood the different sizes of bars available, it’s time to consider the right one for your construction project.

PPE to Wear and Other Equipment to Consider before Working

As a contractor working on a new real estate project, you must ensure the utmost safety of your workers. While welding TMT bars in the construction project, every worker must wear PPE. You can store defensive apparatuses in your work area. Keep them in dry places. Besides PPE, fire extinguishers and medical packs need to be situated in the space. 

Workers who lift items need back support to prevent physical injury. You can make a rule that workers wear goggles and gloves. Wearing safety tackles and preventing accidents in risk-prone areas like high-rise zones is imperative. 

TMT bar welding is a risky process, so you must ensure the utmost safety for your workers on the site by adding the above items.

Never Twist the Material to the point that It Cannot Tackle

Regardless of their bendability, twisting TMT bars too much can be detrimental to your construction project. From damaging the surface to reducing strength, twisting has several negative sides. This process can change their internal grain structure and reduce the tensile strength. Scientifically speaking, TMT bars are manufactured through a mechanical treatment procedure to improve strength. However, twisting disrupts this perk. 

This process is unnecessary for the ribs, too. Also termed as deformations, TMT bar ribs are present on the surface. Thanks to these ribs, even if you do not twist them, they remain effective in creating a mechanical bond. Moreover, twisting also weakens the bond between concrete and bar. So, you must train your workers to avoid twisting these bars while building a construction project.

Never Keep them in Moisture-Prone Areas

Thinking that your selected corrosion-resistant TMT bars won’t rust when kept in moisture-prone areas is a misconception. As much as over-stacking TMT bars is dangerous, stacking them in a moisture-prone area is equally damaging. After all, TMT bars are made of rebar steel, which can corrode when exposed to water. 

Soon after rust grows, the bars’ effectiveness is reduced. So, it might not bear the excessive load. Rust can also damage the surface texture. So, when the ribs or deformation on these bars are damaged, they create a strong mechanical bond with the concrete. 

Selecting the Right Electrode While Welding TMT Bars

Meticulous planning is required when it comes to TMT bars. That’s where the role of electrodes comes into being. Mild steel electrodes are used for regular welding. However, TMT bars have a higher carbon content than regular steel. So, you must be selective when choosing the right electrodes. Surprisingly, electrodes, including hydrogen, may damage the bars. It may result in hydrogen-induced cracking, a condition that weakens the quality of the bars.

So, you must select low-hydrogen electrodes that are created to minimise the hydrogen amount introduced during welding. While selecting the electrode, ensure to determine these parameters:

  • Consider the TMT bars’ thickness 
  • Choose the right welding position (overhead, flat, vertical, or horizontal)
  • Note down the toughness and strength of the weld joint

With the above things in mind, you can select the right electrodes for welding.

Reduce Heat As Much As You Can

Understandably, when it comes to welding, heating is a significant concern. However, TMT bars are prone to heat-affected zones because of their carbon content. So, you must monitor welding and prevent excessive heat. Notably, overheating may weaken the joint. So, you must control overheating using the right welding parameters and maintain efficiency and safety.

One quick note: Penning includes hammering the welding area while it is hot. With this method, you can relieve residual stress and improve toughness. 

A Clean Space is a Safe Place

Last but not least, keeping the area clean is a significant concern. Clutter and inflammable materials can result in accidents, so you must ensure that the area is clutter-free. Proper ventilation is needed to avoid harmful welding fumes. 

After Everything Else

So, the above tips will help you and your workers effectively work with TMT bars on the construction site. If you plan to buy wholesale bars from one of the reliable TMT bars manufacturers, you must consult a team that has the required certification. Make sure the company has experience and expertise in producing premium quality TMT bars. Check the certifications achieved by the company and simplify your construction.

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