Difference Between TMT Bar and TOR Steel Bar

Oct 6, 2023 | TMT Bar Company, TMT Bars

Difference Between TMT Bar and TOR Steel Bar

For decades, steel has played a pivotal role in the construction industry. Among the various types of steel bars, two contenders, TOR steel and TMT bars, have stood the test of time. However, as the construction industry has evolved, so have the preferences for these steel reinforcements.

Today’s best TMT Bars Suppliers manufacture steel TMT bars that are significantly better in several aspects than the TOR steel bars that were once used. 

The Rise of TOR Steel

Originating from the Toristeg Steel Corporation in Luxembourg, TOR steel, initially brought to prominence by a Frenchman named Tor, was synonymous with Cold Twisted Deformed (CTD) steel bars. During the ’70s and ’90s, TOR steel was renowned for its high adherence and tensile stress, making it a prime choice for concrete reinforcement. Its strength was derived from surface deformation through twisting after elongation, creating residual stress. Unfortunately, this also made TOR steel prone to corrosion.

The Reign of TMT Bars

In contrast, TMT bars, short for Thermo Mechanically Treated bars, have gradually taken over the market. These high-strength reinforcement bars boast a tough outer core and soft inner core, making them invaluable in concrete structures. Their attributes make TMT bars particularly well-suited for constructing earthquake-resistant buildings, offering an optimal balance between toughness and flexibility.

Key Differences Between TMT Bars and TOR Steel

The manufacturing processes of TMT bars and TOR steel differ significantly, giving TMT bars an edge in several crucial aspects:

Tensile Strength: TMT bars exhibit higher yield strength than TOR steel, resulting in a 20% reduction in steel quantity needed for a project when using TMT bars.

Ductility: TMT bars surpass TOR steel in ductility, protecting structures from rupture and collapse while providing 20% extra strength with the same steel quantity.

Elongation: TMT bars, with their hard outer layer and soft inner core, offer greater elongation, ensuring construction structures’ strength and flexibility, especially during natural disasters like earthquakes.

Bendability: TMT bars, thanks to their soft inner core, are more elastic and easier to bend into various shapes, maintaining structural integrity under adverse conditions.

Weldability: TMT bars, with low carbon content, are highly weldable without the need for extensive pre or post-welding treatments.

Durability: TMT bars resist corrosion better than TOR steel, making them suitable for exposure to water and humid conditions.

Seismic Resistance: TMT bars, such as the ones manufactured by the leading TMT Bars Suppliers, remain harder and stronger than TOR steel, making them more capable of withstanding earthquake shocks.

Rust Resistance: TMT bars are highly rust-resistant due to their thermo-mechanical treatment, making them ideal for coastal and humid areas.

Fire Resistance: TMT bars exhibit higher thermal stability, retaining most of their strength in high-temperature environments.

Flexibility: TMT bars are extremely flexible and do not crack or break even after significant deformation.

Bonding: TMT bars form a stronger bond with cement due to the ribs on their surface, enhancing construction structure longevity.

Furthermore, TMT bars are more cost-effective, requiring less energy for production and using less steel while providing longer-lasting structures compared to TOR steel.

TMT Bars: Ideal for Indian Conditions

In a diverse and geographically vast country like India, with hot and humid weather conditions for most of the year, TMT bars stand out as the preferred choice. Their resistance to rust and corrosion, as opposed to the chloride ions present in TOR steel, makes them ideal for India’s humid climate.

Moreover, TMT bars created by the Best TMT Bar Company exhibit superior strength, ductility, and earthquake resistance, which are essential attributes for constructing large concrete structures, particularly in coastal regions susceptible to humidity and seismic activity.


The evolution of steel in construction has witnessed the rise of TMT bars as the superior choice over TOR steel. Their remarkable qualities make TMT bars not only cost-effective but also the ideal reinforcement for modern construction, especially in regions like India with challenging environmental conditions. Choosing the right TMT bar is paramount to initiating a construction project on the right note, ensuring safety, durability, and longevity.

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